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ASI DATAMYTE, Inc. was incorporated in 2002. It was the result of the combination of several companies and solutions established long before that date. Here below are some of the most important milestones. 

1967  ∙  Incorporation of Electro/General Corporation.
1968  ∙  First data collectors introduced on the market.

1983  ∙  Electro/General changed name to DataMyte, the name of its major product line of data collectors.
1986  ∙  DataMyte is acquired by Allen-Bradley Company, Inc.
1987  ∙  Applied Statistics, Inc. (ASI) founded.
1987  ∙  First release of Applied Stats SPC software.
1989  ∙  ddw Computersysteme GmbH founded.

1990  ∙  First release of QDA.
1995  ∙  Rockwell Automation acquires Allen-Bradley and DataMyte operates as a business unit under Rockwell Automation.
1996  ∙  First international expansion started through local distribution channels in several countries.

2002  ∙  ASI acquires the DataMyte business to form ASI DATAMYTE, Inc.
2002  ∙  ASI DATAMYTE, Inc. acquired the Inspect software from Information Technologies, Inc. The Inspect software soon thereafter is becoming the market leading Defect and Rework Tracking solution.
2002  ∙  Opened subsidiary in Belgium, ASI DATAMYTE International BVBA, to support the globalization strategy.
2003  ∙  ASI DATAMYTE, Inc. acquires Integral Solutions, Inc., the US market leader in Quality Planning software.
2003  ∙  Set up of ASI DATAMYTE do Brasil Ltda
2004  ∙  Acquired its long time German distributor, Universal Elektronik GmbH, to form ASI DATAMYTE GmbH, significantly expanding its presence in Europe.
2006  ∙  Set up of ASI DATAMYTE (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd, in Shanghai to serve its global customers and acquire new local customers.
2006  ∙  Set up of ASI DATAMYTE Singapore to support expansion in South East Asia and Japan.
2006  ∙  Set up of ASI DATAMYTE s.r.l in Italy.
2008  ∙  Acquisition of ddw Computersysteme GmbH, one of the leading CAQ software (Computer Aided Quality) solution providers in Germany. Their CAQ software QDA will become a flagship product for ASI DATAMYTE, Inc.
2008  ∙  Integration of ddw Computersysteme GmbH into ASI DATAMYTE GmbH.

2009  ∙  Launch of new Global Strategy and new Corporate Indentity.
2009  ∙  Global release of QDA with new customers in USA, Mexico, Korea, China, Brazil, Belgium, France, Italy, Singapore, Thailand.
2010  ∙   Release of the 600 Data Collector
2010  ∙   Significantly expanded the development organization to deal with high demand
2011  ∙   Release of new and improved website
2012  ∙  Set up of ASI DATAMYTE France
2012  ∙ 
Set up of ASI DATAMYTE India Pvt. Ltd.

2013  ∙ Set up of ASI DATAMYTE UK



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