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Solutions for Electronics IndustryThere is quite a spread of yield rates among manufacturers these days, with percentiles ranging from the upper 90s all the way down to the 60s. Defect-riddled lines not only add waste and operational expense, they generate recalls and warranty claims. Many warranty issues are software and silicon-related. Some say as much as 30 percent. In the automotive sector for example, it is acknowledged that the higher the number of electronic functions there are in a given vehicle (5,000 on average), the greater the number of defects. It is clear, then, that a quality program that reduces defects and callbacks and increases first time yields by even a small percentage can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line.

ASI DATAMYTE manufacturing, assembly and laboratory solutions give you a leg up on managing the complexity of producing electronic component and systems. We have a proven track record of significantly reducing data collection and inspection times. Our solutions inject efficiencies into all of your quality analyses and reporting capabilities in order to crank up performance to the level where it has a big impact on throughput.

CMM Integration
Complaint Management
Data Collection
Defect and Rework Tracking
Document Management
Gage and Tool Management
Integrated Quality Planning
Management and KPI Reporting
Power Tool Management
Precision Gaging
Supply Chain Management
Torque Management
Traceability and Lifecycle Management

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