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DataMetrics is the next generation SPC software from ASI DATAMYTE. It supports both part-based and process-based data collection. A scalable, flexible and powerful architecture integrates the best features of ASI DATAMYTE’s proven Applied Stats and Quantum SPC software products to provide common client applications, including:
>  A single setup or configuration module
A single reporting module
>  A single set of administrative tools
> Open architecture that supports integration with other software products

Spec Sheet - DataMetrics Overview (pdf)

DataMetrics Data Collection Software

DataMetricsHelps you resolve problems before they happen. The DC Advanced version provides real-time shop floor data collection, charting, data analysis and alarm notification to the operator. It combines an intuitive graphical user interface with advanced networking and client-server architecture to simplify the data collection and analysis process. The DC Pro version offers a cost-effective SPC data collection alternative, with many of the same features of DC Advanced.
Spec Sheet - DataMetrics Data Collection Software - DC Advanced, DC Pro (pdf)

DataMetrics Setup Editor

Provides intuitive tools for configuring your data colleciton applications. The advanced configuration tools in Setup Editor let you configure your application by part, process, setup group or collector device.
Spec Sheet - DataMetrics Setup Editor - DSE (pdf)

DataMetrics Analysis and Reporting

Offers a broader range of tools than any other factory-floor reporting and analysis system. Significant features include new analysis capabilities, dynamic reporting, scheduled reporting built off of the Windows® Scheduler, upgraded publishing options and improved user-defined reports.

DataMetrics runs in Windows 7 environments, making it easy for you to make a smooth transition to next generation quality and IT platforms. This is a database-based solution that is fully interoperable with Microsoft SQL, SQL Server Express and Oracle.  You can build upon the strengths of your existing platform and applications with minimal effort.
Spec Sheet - DataMetrics Analysis and Reporting - DAR (pdf)

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