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Dimensional Gages

LMI Gap, Flush and Seal Gap Gages
These are durable and hardened non‐marring LMI gages that collect contour and dimensional SPC data quickly and accurately.  Gap and flush readings are taken concurrently with rock‐solid repeatability.  Simultaneous Gap/Contour Gages for measuring dimensions on panels locked into check fixtures.  Simultaneous Gap/Flush Gages for Body‐In‐White and Finished Body Applications are used for measuring panel to panel fit on assemblies.

To complement the Gap and Flush measurements on fixtures there are Surface and True Position probes available. LMI Surface Probes are notoriously durable linear measurement instruments that continue to perform while others have been replaced or repaired many times.  The True Position probes offer an accurate and repeatable way to collect variable information on the location of features in either two or three axis both in absolute and relative to other features.

All of these gages can be connected to the 600 Data Collector and use the ASI DATAMYTE software for analysis and reporting of the data.

LMI 200 Series Surface Probe
This probe is the perfect replacement for your digital indicators connected to a data collector. It is designed to provLMI 200 Series Surface Probeide repeatable accuracy and it's rugged construction will withstand high shock, side load, and years of use in the shop floor environment. In fact, the LMI 200 probe transducers have become a standard component for checking fixtures in much of the automotive industry.

LMI 241 Gap and Flush GageLMI 241 Gap and Flush Gage
It allows the gap and flush readings to be taken simultaneously, which can reduce inspection time by 50% or more. These gages lock onto the checking fixture with ease and provide solid repeatability and accuracy. Checking contour and margin of sheet metal, plastic and glass components with this dual-purpose gage takes quality assurance to a new level of efficiency.

LMI 241 BWV2 Gap and Flush GageLMI 241 BWV2 Gap and Flush Gage
The LMI 241 BWV2 Gap amd Flush Transducers take simultaneous gap and flush dimensional quality checks and can decrease inspection time by 50% or more. These non-marring gauges use an extension pad with recessed magnets to assist in properly seating the gauge for accurate and repeatable readings.

LMI 237 Mini Door Seal Gap GageLMI 237 Mini Door Seal Gap Gage
This gage replaces inconvenient feeler gauges, clay or calipers to check gaps between the door and door opening flange, repeatable and robust.

LMI 238 Mini Deck Lid Seal Gap Gage
T LMI 238 Mini Deck Lid Seal Gap Gagehis gage replaces inconvenient feeler gauges, clay or calipers to check gaps between the deck lid and deck lid opening flange.

LMI 237 Ultra Mini Seal Gap Gage
LMI 237 Ultra Mini Seal Gap GageThis gage replaces inconvenient feeler gauges, clay or calipers to check gaps between the door and door opening flange or the deck lid and deck lid opening flange. With it repeatable and robust ultra mini design it is ideal for tight checks.

Wireless LMI Gages
All of the above gages are also available in a wireless version. They can connect directly to a computer running ASI DATAMYTE software and provide  immediate and graphical feedback to the operator.

Other gages and accessories are available. Please contact us for more information.

DMRF Pinch Force Gage
DMRF verticalThe DMRF Pinch Force Gage measures the pinch force of automatic powered car and truck window panes as well as sun roofs.  The sensor captures the maximum power exerted by the automatic closing device just before it switches into the reverse direction.

Measurement records can be shown directly on the display of the sensor and the data can be transmitted to a data collection device such as ASI DATAMYTE’s Model 600 Handheld Data Collector. An Optional Mounting kit is available to for sliding roofs. It’s easy to seat it into place against the roof rim and it firmly secures the unit for collecting reliable data.

Spec Sheets
Seal Gap Measurement System in BIW (pdf)
600 Handheld Data Collector with Gap, Flush & Seal Gap (pdf)
DMRF Pinch Force Gage (pdf)

DMRF Pinch Force Gage


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