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EnGagePlus!  Gage Management software

Electronically manage gage and tool information, guide and track necessary tool crib activities and create reports related to gage lab activities.


EnGagePlus! includes a wide variety of calibration functions, such as:
> Unlimited test points per gage
> Capability for final readings
> Automatic reading of RS‐232 gages
> Unlimited input of traceable numbers
> Manual entry option for pass, fail, or limited use
> Computations performed as part of data entry
> Calibration sticker printing
> Ability to add descriptive attributes
> Variety of calibration frequency options.

Built-In Gage Studies
EnGagePlus! has built‐in capability to perform a variety of gage studies, including Gage R&R, bias and linearity. The user has the option of performing either standard or ANOVA R&R studies. The software automatically maintains all study events as part of each gage history, and is compliant with the MSA 4th Edition Gage R&R and ANOVA analyses.

Spec Sheet - EngagePlus! (pdf)

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