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GageMetrics SoftwareGageMetrics software

GageMetrics is a precision measurement software package designed to collect and store measurement data from manual, semiautomatic, and automatic inspection systems. It can also be used in tool compensation applications. GageMetrics uses clear and simple color‐coded graphics that minimize training time, startup time, and the potential for operator error. This capability minimizes differences from one user to the next, ensuring reproducible results across different operators and different shifts.

GageMetrics Includes:

> Data Collection Module
> Flexible Display and Charting
> SPC Charting
> Page Editor Support for customized screens
> Video Support
> Traceability Logs
> Automated Mastering
> Repeatability & Reproducibility studies in compliance with the AIAG MSA
> Simplify Gaging Equations with measurement templates

GageMetrics is compatible with both QDA and DataMetrics software.

Spec Sheet - GageMetrics software (pdf)

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