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Truly portable, pc based or on-line systems, programmable for multiple applications. Measurement of varied surface contour features and characteristics: gap, flush, pitting, corrosion, wear, fastener height, weld characteristics, angles, radius of curvature and more.

HS306 Sensor

LaserGauge - HS306 SensorWith the same optics, laser and camera as the previous 305 model, the new LaserGauge Sensor HS306 provides the same scanning performance but in a smaller and lighter package. The display shows color coded results, scanning profile, pictures and operator instructions. An optional barcode scanner scans all available codes and automatically launches the related routine for data collection.
Spec Sheet - HS306 Sensor (pdf)

LaserGauge - HS410 SensorHS410 Sensor
The HS410 provides the best resolution of the controller-based sensors and is used to inspect and measure small features such as pitting, scratches, gouges, small radii, and laser welds.
Spec Sheet - HS410 Sensor (pdf)

LaserGauge - HS610 SensorHS610 Sensor
The HS610 sensor has uniquely designed optics that makes it ideal for use in measuring outside and inside radii on stamped and machined parts and for inspecting features of spot welds and fasteners.
Spec Sheet - HS610 Sensor (pdf)

LaserGauge - HS702 SensorHS702 Single-Stripe Sensor
HS701 for those users that need a smaller sensor for more space-critical applications. It, too, utilizes the same 1 GHz ARM processor as found in the HS760 and HS703, but uses a smaller, non-touchscreen, display.
Spec Sheet - HS702 Sensor (pdf)

HS703 Single-Stripe Sensor
The HS703 is aLaserGauge - HS703 single-stripe sensor much like the HS701, but with speed and power enhancements plus the ability to run measurement routines. It has the same 1 GHz processor as found on the HS760 and the same interface. However, because the scan acquisition and processing is much faster for a single-stripe sensor, measurements can be made very quickly. This additional processing power also allows noise and scatter reduction techniques that are impossible on slower sensors (like the HS701).
Spec Sheet - HS703 (pdf)

LaserGauge - HS710 DSP SensorHS710 DSP Sensor
The HS710 DSP sensor is a totally self-contained, handheld, laser profiler designed for inspecting and measuring smaller features that require a narrower field-of-view and higher scanning resolution.
Spec Sheet - HS710 DSP Sensor (pdf)

LaserGauge - HS720 USB SensorHS720 USB Sensor
The HS720 USB sensor is specifically designed for inspecting and measuring small features in hard-to-access areas.  Applications include edge radius, break angles, chamfer angle and length, gap/flush, step height and others.
Spec Sheet - HS720 USB Sensor (pdf)

RS750 Sensor
LaserGauge - RS750 SensorThe RS750 is a USB 2.0-based, high-resolution profiling sensor that is used in on-line, robotic or remote applications.  Stationary over a moving line, affixed to a linear slide or used as an end-effector for robotic inspections, the RS750 brings all of the scanning capabilities of the handheld sensors into the more demanding applications.
Spec Sheet - RS750 Sensor (pdf)

HS733LE Leading Edge Sensor

LaserGauge - HS733LE Leading Edge SensorThe HS733LE is used to inspect the leading edge of blades or vanes used in aircraft and power system engines. Designed to scan both sides of the blade simultaneously, the sensor returns a complete profile around the radius of the blade.
Spec Sheet - HS733LE Handheld Leading Edge Sensor (pdf)

HS760 CrossVectorLaserGauge - HS760 CrossVector
The HS760 is the most advanced sensor in the LaserGauge line of inspection products. By utilizing multiple lasers and multiple views of the part being measured, a complete surface contour can be scanned, even in areas that have historically been invisible to the sensor.
Spec Sheet - HS760 (pdf)

LG1200 Controller

LaserGauge - LG1200 ControllerThe controller has a high resolution display, and has both a touch screen and a keypad with joystick for alternative methods of interface. Communications can be handled through the USB ports, Ethernet port or wirelessly.
Spec Sheet - LG 1200 Controller (pdf)

LGWorks Software
LGWorks enables users to develop multi-point inspection routines to run on the LG1102, LG1200, LG4003 controllers. The routines guide operators through each measurement point using graphic and/or text instructions.
Spec Sheet - LGWorks Software (pdf)

QDA LaserGauge Reporting
Software for reporting of laser based gap and flush measurements. The result is standardized and automated analysis and reporting, tremendous cost savings and better utilization of your internal resources.

Other sensors, controllers, software and accessories are available. Please contact us for more information.

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