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Error-Proof Off the Line

How data is gathered from the point of entry and disseminated to quality applications throughout the factory and beyond determines the extent to which productivity and product quality goals can be realized.

A manual data collection task may involve reading a gage, writing the value, and then keypunching the value into a computer. Each of those three steps takes time and presents an opportunity for reading or transcription error. Direct electronic data collection is a quantum leap faster and, at the same time, eliminates sources of error. 

Error-Proof Off the Line ASI DATAMYTE’s Data Collection Solution leverages the strengths of portable, fixed station and unattended data collection systems and the ability to integrate virtually any type of plant floor measurement device to deliver error-proof variable and attribute data, creating a solid quality system base allowing full traceability, analysis and reporting. 

Key Benefits
> Ensures data integrity from the get-go
> Integrates data from a broad spectrum of devices
> Flexible applications collect data quickly and accurately

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