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The New Standard for Attribute Data Collection

Manufacturers lose a respectable sum of money each year on defect-driven warranty claims – more than $25 billion in the U.S. alone. Time-to-market pressures and fragmented supply chains add angst to the already complex process of producing cars, jets, artificial body parts or any number of discrete manufactured products. Waste at this level eats away greedily at profits and plunges companies into the red.

Grand scale intricate processes demand a formidable quality plan equal to the challenge. Getting rework and recalls under control requires early detection and correction of quality problems, and a pervasive multi-pronged approach. One that harnesses hard-hitting technologies that are automated, integrated and effective.

ASI DATAMYTE’s Defect and Rework Tracking Solution reduces rework, scrap, downtime and recalls using image-driven visualization techniques, error-proofing data collection capabilities, and focused reporting and communications features – controlling costs and improving profitability on a grand scale. At the heart of the solution is the ►QDA software. The software leverages dynamic data collection, costing, event notification and real time reporting modules.

Key Benefits
> Significantly reduce scrap and rework costs
> Image-driven inspection
> Web-based analysis and reporting

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 Detect and Rework Tracking

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