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A recent JD Power dependability study found that wind noise was the number one complaint of new car owners. When it comes to automobiles, body fit characteristics have a tremendous impact on customer perception of quality. Wind noise, water leaks and hard door closing are cited as leading causes of warranty claims. Not only do these problem areas affect overall quality image, the rework and returns that they generate have a huge negative impact on revenues and profitability. Conversely, solid and uniform fit leaves a lasting impression of quality with consumers.

ASI DATAMYTE’s Gap, Flush, Seal Gap Measurement Solution heads off defects, reduces inspection time, ensures uniform fit and raises overall product quality.  It includes a complete range of portable and integratable measurement tools loaded with far reaching capabilities.  ►501 Data Collectors, ►LaserGauges, and ►LMI  ensure accuracy and feed a flexible reporting platform.

Key Benefits
> Reliable, repeatable and operator independent
> Significantly reduce traditional inspection time
> Automated and integrated graphical reporting

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 Gap, Flush and Seal Gap Measurements

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