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It’s worth the effort. A 2008 Aberdeen Group study of top manufacturers verifies that process improvement initiatives aimed at creating or bettering products and services stimulate success in the marketplace. This is evidenced in achievement of aggressive time-to-market, product cost and revenue objectives. These companies also report an increase in the number of product innovations introduced, and improvement in market presence by virtue of better product quality. They stay ahead of the pack by clearly understanding where their processes are, defining where they need them to be, and by implementing extensive performance metrics to drive process improvement.  

ASI DATAMYTE’s Management and KPI Reporting Solution facilitates achievement of time-to-market, cost and revenue Management and KPI Reportingobjectives by consolidating quality data acquired from disparate manufacturing devices and systems into useable business metrics. It integrates, aggregates and distributes data gathered from the entire range of plant floor devices and machines and makes it available to serve management needs.  It empowers enterprise-wide visualization of operations and information flow in the proper management context, and helps to formulate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) based on data that is otherwise trapped in isolated factory-only production and quality systems.

Key Benefits
> Aggregated information from Assembly, Manufacturing and Laboratory operations
> Improve on your decisions and actions
> Automated report generation

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