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Em-Power Tools to Bridge the Gap Between Quality and Assembly

Out of spec power tools can bring disaster to assembly operations, introducing a flood of errors, laying the ground work for a massive costly rework and degrading overall product quality. At the same time, regulatory issues and compliance pressures are demanding more information, and expanding their scope to include traceability of power tool settings and performance data.

ASI DATAMYTE’s Power Tool Management Solution delivers quality to the line by ensuring tool integrity and performance under the ►QDA software platform. The software integrates power tool usage by connecting and capturing data from just about any type of D.C. electric tool, torque screwdrivers, nut drivers, impact tools, pneumatic pulse tools and direct-drive tools. It improves first time quality to assembly, generating cost savings and ensuring traceability and compliance.

Power Tool ManagementKey Benefits
> Centralized overview of process and quality data
> Real-time monitoring
> Universal interface platform

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