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The Quality Lifecycle

The Quality Lifecycle is a corporate strategy that is focused on aligning product development, process improvement and technology adoption with key business objectives. Obviously the earlier in the cycle quality is implemented, the more actual product quality it generates and the more money it saves. Ideally, quality is injected from the very beginning, during planning and product design phases. As a practical matter, it should at a minimum provide a bridge from engineering to manufacturing, feed forward to warranty and service, and provide a closed loop back for traceability and compliance purposes.

The Quality LifecycleASI DATAMYTE’s Traceability and Lifecycle Management Solution drives focused management decision making by integrating quality data and analyses from all angles. Traceability backed up with solid data improves first time quality, reduces defects, rework and warranty claims.

Key Benefits
> Real-time product status visibility
> Sound intelligence driving focused improvement
> Traceability linked with quality data

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