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Seit über 40 Jahren bietet ASI DATAMYTE Industrielösungen für eine Vielzahl an Kunden an. Von Fortune-500-Unternehmen über mittlere bis hin zu Kleinstunternehmen haben wir die Qualitätsmanagementlösungen für die Herausforderungen der Industrie.

Standard Calculation for Benchmarking

Challenge | Specific setup hinders evaluation and proper benchmarking

 A global tire manufacturer uses a process for measuring various tire dimensions and must be able to evaluate not only the part themselves, but the process as a whole.  Their challenge – creating a dynamic set-up for evaluating and properly bench-marking their end-to-end measurement processes across multiple plants.  

The client couldn’t evaluate a specific parts without exporting and sorting the data which took a lot of manpower. They were also unable to benchmark its individual plants without using a great deal of manual data aggregation into centralized database.  This manual process created ‘points-in-time’ snapshots and wasn’t able to enable a real-time view.  Each plant was calculating their KPIs...

Top Food Processor Relies on ASI DATAMYTE SPC Solution

Turning a New Leaf

With a business model built on listening to customers, anticipating their needs and working closely with them to create new and innovative products, this food processing company is also the number one food service supplier in the United States. Customers  who  rely  on  its  pre‐packaged salad ingredients include several of the top fast food and restaurant chains.

 “Process control, not product control” is the company’s mantra, and it has used ASI DATAMYTE software for net weight control and measurement of seal integrity for over eight years.

 “We perform quality management by process control, at each step in the process, using ASI DATAMYTE software and data collectors,” says the company’s Director. “This is far more efficient than managing ...

Vestas Creates Quality Synergies Worldwide

Successful Energy Strategies

Vestas Wind System A/S, headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark is the largest global supplier of wind energy solutions in the world. With annual revenue of $7 billion, Vestas commands 15% share of the global market. The company operates manufacturing plants in nine countries and has installed more than 43,000 turbines worldwide.

Business Units

Each of four subdivisions or “Product Business Units” is dedicated to the manufacture of a specific section of the wind turbine. There are aspects of quality management, such as data collection and component traceability, which affect all units. At the same time, each unit has unique quality needs ...