Document Management

Challenge | Timely & Error-prone Document Management

A manufacturer of missiles used by the army, collected everything on paper. In order to comply with the Department of Defense (DOD), the company needed to have full traceability and provide certification for all finished goods leaving the factory. The company did all of this documentation and certification on paper.

All documents were printed and scanned into a PDF manually which involved a lot of labor time and the company found documents were occasionally misplaced that they needed. In addition, all work instructions were hard copies so when instructions were updated, it took a lot of time update every piece of paper at every work cell. This was not only timely, it left open room for the possibility that someone would use the wrong inspection plan.

The Solution | QDA Document Management

ASI’s Consulting Service team implemented Document Management from QDA to streamline the client’s document management processes.

Value | Time savings & document traceability

With the implementation of Document Management from QDA, the client was able to put multiple pages into a single document and save as a PDF with a single click of a mouse and 15 minutes of calculations done by the QDA software. Since this implementation, they have not misplaced a certification document.

With QDA, the client now ensures all inspection plans are updated and released accurately to all work cells. Each worker electronically signs the inspection plan for every characteristic that is measured giving the client increased visibility into their production and subsequent product quality. The QDA application has been awarded the “Best Application of the Year” by the client.