Gain the Upper Hand in Net Content Management

Today’s food and beverage manufacturers are challenged to achieve tight net content control. Underfill your product weight, volume or count, and you violate such regulations as the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FPLA). Overfill, and you not only waste raw materials, but also lose thousands — if not millions — of dollars in profit.

Yet, a wide range of issues can interfere with achieving tight net content control. These issues can stem from normal wear and tear of your production machinery to fluctuations in the raw materials used to make your products and beyond.

As a quality control manager, how do you find a balance between underfilling and overfilling to drive profitability while managing compliance? How do you simultaneously optimize your food and beverage manufacturing processes to help ensure product safety, quality and satisfaction among consumers — all while upholding your company’s valuable reputation?

Balance Profitability and Compliance … and Win

The answer is DataMetrics. A Swiss transnational food and beverage company piloted the solution in one plant to reduce overfilling. When the solution proved to be successful, saving the company more than $35,000 USD in overfilling-related costs, the company multiplied their savings by rolling DataMetrics out to more than 50 locations worldwide.

DataMetrics can help you gain the upper hand, too, with a unique set of features to optimize your production line to net content and weight requirements.

Food and beverage, net contents savings $420,000 per year

Ensure compliance while maximizing revenue potential.

DataMetrics gives you access to fill weights, levels and counts in near real time. This information allows you to track, analyze, identify and report on mission-critical processing data you can use to resolve issues as they happen.

Reduce scrap and rework with near real-time notification.

DataMetrics real-time event monitoring and notification ensures that everyone who needs to know about production issues, lot status and more is made aware of problems as they occur. This instantaneous communication, powered by configurable alarms, puts the brakes on product problems and reduces scrap and rework.

Control costs through broad connectivity.

Get the most return out of your current investments. DataMetrics connects to more devices and systems than any other SPC program, including checkweighers, Solartron digital gages and GageWay wireless systems, as well as more than 70 device drivers. This means you can use your existing gaging and related software programs and minimize your investment in new equipment, software and training.

Additional DataMetrics features:

  • Lot release support criteria, including release, hold and released-from production

  • An extensive catalog of net-weight statistics to automatically monitor and check label weights, including lot average, % below MAV, % at or above or below label, % over declared weight, and % overweight (target)

  • Ability to automatically record, analyze and display all measurements to detect problems sooner and reduce scrap and rework

  • Ability to create and customize data collection — automatically and hands-free — from serial devices using serial parsing capability

  • Compliance with 21 CFR Part 101 and T1/T2 requirements, US maximum allowable (MAV), and EU tolerable negative error (TNE)

  • Robust 24x7 data collection with local caching guarantees uninterrupted production — even with network and other system failures

  • A relational database system to manage data in a common, centralized storage area 

Use DataMetrics as a standalone solution, or fully integrate it with others from ASI DATAMYTE to achieve continuous quality throughout your entire food and beverage manufacturing process. DataMetrics poises you to maintain stable fill, reduce waste and keep net content under tight control — all while reducing or eliminating manual data collection that can lead to risky — and potentially costly — human error. You gain the insights you need to improve your processes, consumer satisfaction, compliance and bottom line. You’ll also find it can scale to meet your global food and beverage manufacturing needs now and as they evolve for years to come.

We want to hear how you’re dealing with food and beverage manufacturing challenges. To talk to an expert about reducing your overfill expense, contact us at 1-800-455-4359. Learn more about DataMetrics software.