Standard Calculation for Benchmarking

Challenge | Specific setup hinders evaluation and proper benchmarking

A global tire manufacturer uses a process for measuring various tire dimensions and must be able to evaluate not only the part themselves, but the process as a whole.  Their challenge – creating a dynamic set-up for evaluating and properly benchmarking their end-to-end measurement processes across multiple plants.  

 The client couldn’t evaluate a specific parts without exporting and sorting the data which took a lot of manpower. They were also unable to benchmark its individual plants without using a great deal of manual data aggregation into centralized database.  This manual process created ‘points-in-time’ snapshots and wasn’t able to enable a real-time view.  Each plant was calculating their KPIs, independently, without consistency across multiple plants. 

The Solution | Standard setup and calculation for benchmarking

ASI DATAMYTE’s Consulting Services team addressed this issue by implementing ASI DATAMYTE SPC software.  A CpK calculation based on standardized values was introduced allowing the Report Designer to calculate the Cp and CpK for a given process regardless of what the nominal or tolerances are for each characteristic.

Value | Efficiency, transparency and consistent quality

With this calculation, based on the percent usage of the spec limits, not the value itself, the client was able to have centralized up-to-date data aggregation and reporting through the Report Designer and Scheduled Tasks. ASI was also able to implement a “traffic light” at each machine showing the current CpK for that process. This report, refreshing every five minutes, giving the client full visibility into their production. If any of the “traffic lights” turned yellow, investigation begins to begin root-cause analysis.  Now, the client’s global plants have a standardized calculation for benchmarking to ensure the company’s products are of the same quality.