Giving you the power you need.

Accelerate performance and productivity today.

Putting you on the leading edge of quality technology.


DataMetrics software gives you the edge in SPC data collection and puts you on the leading
edge of quality technology. It’s a real‐time SPC program with a full suite of supporting applications
that provide state‐of‐the-art setup, data analysis, reporting, and database configuration tools.

No doubt your numbers are getting noticed. Let’s make sure they look good.

With more standard features than any other SPC software on the market, DataMetrics is the most
advanced quality solution available today.

Accelerate Performance and Productivity

And, save time and money in the process. Use
DataMetrics’ intuitive configuration tool, Setup Editor, to
define and edit processes, parts, labels, assignable causes
and corrective actions. This software uses a MDI visual
interface featuring multiple editors and standard Windows
“drag and drop” techniques to make configuration easy.

Creating new setups couldn’t be easier. With the
automated setup wizard, you can quickly create products,
setups, characteristic labels, data collection options and
security for your applications.

A manual mode also lets you create setups with standard user‐defined label names. Existing
setups can be "cloned" or copied for reuse on other standalone stations and be password
protected to ensure data security.

Now you have a choice: parts or processes. Setup Editor lets you configure your application by
part, process, setup group or collector device. In addition to part setups, you can also assign a
process name (e.g., a machine name) to characteristic data in order to track process
performance using DataMetrics DC Advanced or DC Pro data collection modules.