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Data Collectors

Error-Proof to a Higher Standard.

How data is gathered from the point of entry and disseminated to quality applications throughout the factory and beyond determines the extent to which productivity and product quality goals can be realized. ASI DATAMYTE’s Data Collection Solution leverages the strengths of portable, fixed station and unattended data collection systems and the ability to integrate virtually any type of plant floor measurement device to deliver error-proof variable and attribute data, creating a solid quality system base allowing full traceability, analysis and reporting. ASI DATAMYTE is respected as the industry leader in automated factory quality data collection for all classifications of data. The 600 model raises error-proofing to a higher standard.

Torque Wrenches

Raising the quality bar through advanced error-proofing and optimization.

Whether your mission is assessing residual torque on previously tightened fasteners, measuring real time dynamic torque on production power tools or precision torque on hand tightened joints, ASI DATAMYTE’s Torque Management Solution has you covered. ASI DATAMYTE’s LightStar system raises the quality bar by error-proofing residual torque, power tool optimization, hand assembly and rework operations. It eliminates the crippling downtime associated with reacting to false out-of-spec readings and the big costs associated with missing true defect conditions.

Dimensional Gages

Gap, Flush and Seal Gap Gages.

ASI DATAMYTE’s Gap, Flush, Seal Gap Measurement Solutions head off defects, reduces inspection time, ensures uniform fit and raises overall product quality.  It includes a complete range of portable and integratable measurement tools loaded with far reaching capabilities.