Robust error-proofing data collection

clarifying complex audit routines while

reducing operator uncertainty and guesswork.


Robust error-proofing data collection that clarifies complex auditing
routines and reduces operator uncertainty and guesswork.

Save Labor Cost & Reduce Rework
Instant download/upload data – Download the latest inspection plans or upload collected data at any time using a corporate WIFI network.
Clear Visual Audit Aids – Task–specific, step by step directions and illustrations reduce the time required to perform audits, collect data and train new employees.
Guaranteed data assurance – Eliminate the headaches from bad cables sending intermittent data. WPA-2 Encryption from collector to network.

High Resolution Color LED:
Provides detailed, on-screen instructions for operators, reducing uncertainty and error.

REPORTING (optional):
Web based – powerful reporting capabilities provided in real time audit status and completion summaries. Immediate access to audit and test plan results across the plant or across the globe.
Datametrics Software Integration – provides statistical reports that can identify a trend before the error condition develops.

Cost Benefit Analysis – Labor transit and wait times eliminated.

600 WIFI Data Collector


600 Data Collector Options

• Torque Measurement
• Digital Gaging
• LMI Applications
• Barcode Scanner
• MicroRidge wireless gaging
• Bluetooth wireless for Wireless LightStar
• WIFI + MicroRidge wireless gaging
• WIFI + Bluetooth wireless for Wireless LightStar

Using an older model of ASI DATAMYTE's Data Collector?  Here are 5 reasons to upgrade your data collectors.  

1. Labor savings – eliminate labor inefficiency to cross factory floor to upload data or download new inspection plans
2. Redirect labor quickly – dispatch labor to next data points without having to come back in the office to download inspection plans or upload data
3. Instant status notifications at your fingertips – WIFI strength, in/out of spec readings, LED and sound prompts, trouble shooting aids
4. Cost effective solution to measurement applications requiring portability
5. Rugged ABS plastic case and Gorilla Glass® construction – engineered for years of peak performance