High precision laser profile gap

and flush measurement


High precision laser profile gap and flush measurement

  • RESOLVES Operator influences resulting in reproducible measurement
  • IMPROVES Measurement repeatability and reproducibility
  • RECORDS Real data profile of entire gap, flush, and radius contour
  • INTEGRATES Measurement principles for multiple evaluations
  • SAVES TIME Determining correct measurement across departments
  • REMOVES Assumptions in measurement due to difficult contours

Calipri Functional GraphicCALIPRI OVERVIEW
High Precision Measurement
The recording of the entire body contour with CALIPRI delivers comprehensive measurement results compared to non-swiveling profile measurement devices. The result is free of assumptions due to the increased measured depth attained with the CALIPRI. The required measurement process takes only a few seconds. This means far less expenditure of time and greater accuracy. The intelligent image processing system continually records segments of the contour from various perspectives and combines them for a complete measurement based on real data. The recording from several perspectives ensures that the measurement result is free from mathematical extrapolations.

Implementation without Rigidity
The CALIPRI solution is just one product in an integrated enterprise quality ecosystem that provides continuous quality solutions scalable to your global manufacturing needs. A customized quality solution, can be fully integrated throughout design, process and manufacturing or as an individual standalone product solution for a specific area. As a portable device or in the production line, CALIPRI increases both process reliability and quality in the production process. Measurement data and test plans can be exchanged between CALIPRI and the user’s quality assurance system.


  • Evaluation methods – Gap, flush and radius can be calculated with a broad range of different evaluation algorithms directly from the measurement data.
  • First time accuracy – Complete profile is recorded the first time with resulting values and analysis.
  • Operator ease – Requires little training expenditure to attain accurate measurement results independent of the user.
  • Operator neutral – Measurement results are free of any operator influences.
  • Complex profiles – Effortless recording of difficult contours for gap, flush and radius profiles.
  • Angle adjustments – Ensures correct readings as system compensates for any tilts and twists of the sensor.
  • Clear algorithms – Parameters of the selected evaluation algorithm can be adapted to user requirements and the specific measurement situation within seconds.
  • User interface – The intuitive graphic user interface guides the user throughout, from the entry of the measurement object (e.g. body type) to the selection of the desired evaluation method and to the adaptation of the parameters.
  • Available for inline and offline applications including portable, inline operator and inline robotic.

Ensure system-wide reliability and reproducibility of measurement data

Operators simply follow graphically aided measurement plans to ensure all measurements are taken with automatic alerts when parts are in or out of spec. The graphic interface guides the user from the selection of the measurement points to completed measurement. Immediate analysis is viewable on screen from recordings taken from gap, flush or radius measurement.

  • Integrates easily with the quality assurance system of the user.
  • Test plans can be easily created and edited.
  • Prepared measurement plans can be exchanged between CALIPRI platforms and processed.
  • Results are colored according to the stored limits.
  • Entire workflow is automated and safe for transmission.