Die Qualitätsmanagementlösung zur Analyse

von Qualitätssicherungsdaten für eine sofortige und

langfristige Verbesserung Ihrer Qualitätsprozesse



Structured to assist organizations with their SPC and data collections needs, DataMetrics supports organizations with both part-based and process-based data collection. A scalable, flexible and powerful architecture integrates the best features of ASI DATAMYTE’s previous popular products - Applied Stats and Quantum SPC.


Automate the APQP processes for risk mitigation, increased product reliability and process efficiency. Learn how this simple tool can cascade edits from Process Flow throughout all APQP documents, reducing audit risk and saving manual entry time. “I used PACT with a prior employer and requested to purchase it here with my new employer ... it cuts the work in half”, Aerospace Manufacturer.

Das CAD Managementmodul von ASI DATAMYTE integriert spielendleicht CAD-Dateien in die Software.

EnGage Plus!

Electronically manage gage and tool information, guide and track necessary tool crib activities and create reports related to gage lab activities. EnGagePlus! has built‐in capability to perform a variety of gage studies, including Gage R&R, bias and linearity. The user has the option of performing either standard or ANOVA R&R studies. The software automatically maintains all study events as part of each gage history, and is compliant with the MSA 4th Edition Gage R&R and ANOVA analyses.

TranSend II

Add TranSend software to your data collection operation to simplify data transfer between ASI DATAMYTE data collectors, DataMetrics Analysis and Reporting (DAR), third party analysis systems and Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets. Create and manage setups for ASI DATAMYTE data collectors. Upload data from data collectors to Excel, tab or comma delimited files, and/or the TranSend II database. Upload torque curve plots from 600 data collectors to Excel spreadsheets. Update 600 data collector firmware.